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The author of the best selling dog book, Chill Out Fido! How to Calm Your Dog, Nan brings 27 years of experience to Beacon of Hope Dog Behavior and Training. Nan works with dog professionals, shelter employees and volunteers, and pet dog owners to help them understand the science of dog behavior.

Nan is also a Karen Pryor Academy faculty member, and holds one of the highest certifications available by the Certification Council For Professional Dog Trainers. She is also a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, is a Certification Instructor for the dog*biz Dog Walking Academy, and is a Canine First Aid Instructor with DogSafe. All of Nan's certifications require continuing education to maintain their accreditation. 

Nan Arthur and her dog Ginger.
Nan Arthur

Certified Dog Behavior Consultant 

Chill Out Fido! How to Calm Your Dog. Book