Behavior Modification:

Private Training & Phone/Video Consultations


Nan currently offers IN-HOME training services to the Greater Alpine and far East County areas only. Areas include: Crest, Lakeside, Alpine Heights, Dehesa, Harbison Canyon, Flynn Springs, Blossom Valley, and some parts of Pine Valley and Descanso. 


Sometimes a pet parent would like more intensive instruction and training than a phone/video consultation offers. For the Greater Alpine and far East County pet parents, Nan offers private consultations and on-going training. Her specific focuses are puppy training, fear (non-aggression based**), non-aggressive behavioral issues (manners, recall, excitement jumping, etc.), beginning nose work, and therapy/service dog assessment and training. 

Private Training Consultations

For all private training, Nan begins with a two-hour consultation either in your home or at Nan’s training space in Alpine. During the consultation, Nan will observe and assess your dog's behaviors, mannerisms, and responses to their environment. Nan will also work with your dog and begin putting positive training techniques in place right away. She will also explain what she’s doing, why she’s doing it, and provide instruction on how you can do it at home. Additionally, she will discuss your answers from the Private Training Consultation Questionnaire. At the end of the consultation, Nan will offer her recommendations for on-going training and discuss any long-term goals you might have. 

Private Training Consultation Fees:

$225.00 - In-home

$200.00 - At Alpine Training Space



Many behavior issues can be resolved by simply understanding how and why dogs do what they do and teaching dogs what to do instead.

Science has given us clear information about how and why dogs behavior as they do, but that information is often the missing link when there are communication problems between dogs and humans. 

We don't always need to see your dog's behaviors to recommend resources, classes, or offer direction on how you can put effective training methods in place.  

Phone/Video Consultation Fees:

$75.00 per hour

$35 per 1/2 hour thereafter.

1 hour minimum required.


If you would like to continue training with Nan after your consultation, on-going training is the next step. There are a couple options for you to consider: training packages or lesson-by-lesson training.

Training Packages

Currently, Nan offers two on-going training packages.

Package 1: 5 lessons, one time per week for 5 weeks.

Package 2: 8 lessons, two times per week for 4 weeks.

As a thank you for continuing training with Nan, she offers "incentive" pricing for clients who book a training package within 30 days of their initial consultation. Please see the fee schedule below.

Custom packages can be designed to suit your training needs. Please feel free to discuss customization directly with Nan.

Training Package Fees

On-going Training Package Pricing - Non-Incentive

$550.00: 5 lessons, one time per week for 5 weeks. 

$825.00: 8 lessons, two times per week for 4 weeks.

On-going Training Package Pricing - Incentive

Incentive pricing only applies when purchased within 30 days of a private consultation.

$450.00: 5 lessons, one time per week for 5 weeks. 

$725.00: 8 lessons, two times per week for 4 weeks.

Lesson-by-Lesson Training

If you're not ready to purchase a training package after your consultation, or you don't feel you need that much concentrated time with Nan, you can opt for a lesson-by-lesson structure. Incentive pricing does not apply to single lesson rates. 

Lesson-by Lesson Training Fee

$125 per hour in home or at Nan's Alpine training space.

Incentive pricing DOES NOT apply to single lesson fees.