Greater Alpine &

East County Training Services

There are many ways to help your dog...

With more than 23 years of experience, and on-going education, Nan offers solutions to most behavior problems and training issues. 

Phone/Video Behavior

Many behavior issues can be resolved by simply understanding how and why dogs do what they do and teaching dogs what to do instead.

Science has given us clear information about how and why dogs behave as they do, but that information is often the missing link when there are communication problems between dogs and humans. 

We don't always need to see your dog's behaviors to recommend resources, classes, or offer direction on how you can put effective training methods in place.  


Phone/Video Consultation Fee:

This service is offered at $75.00 per hour and then $35 per 1/2 hour thereafter. 

Nan offers consultations via phone/video chats throughout San Diego County and across the Nation, so location isn't a hindrance in getting some quick help!

In-Home Consultations

Sometimes a pet parent would like more intensive instruction and training than a phone/video consultation offers. For our Greater Alpine and far East County pet parents, Nan offers in-home consultations and on-going training. Her specific focus is puppy training, fear (non-aggression based*), non-aggressive behavioral issues (manners, recall, etc.), beginning nose work, and therapy/service dog assessment and training. For all other behavioral issues, please visit our P.A.R.T. Network page! 

*Non-aggression fear is when a dog is scared or lacks confidence and usually responds to people/situations by cowering and/or hiding. Non-aggression fearful dogs do not growl, lunge, or snap at people.

During an in-home consultation, Nan will observe and assess your dog's behaviors, mannerisms, and responses to their environment, as well as work with them and you to put positive training techniques in place right away. She will also discuss your answers from the Private Consultation Questionnaire you will complete prior to scheduling the consultation. At the end of the consultation, Nan will offer her recommendations for on-going training and discuss any long term goals you might have. 

In-home Consultation Fee:

This service is offered for $225. The consultation consists of a 2-hour, private, in-home consultation.

In-home consultations with Nan are limited to Alpine and its immediate surroundings. If you are looking for training and/or consultations outside the Alpine area, please visit our P.A.R.T. Network page for more information on how we can help match you with a well-qualified trainer in your area.

Pairing a Right Trainer (P.A.R.T.) Network 

The Beacon of Hope's P.A.R.T. Network takes the work out of your dog training search by teaming up with a large network of training professionals in the greater San Diego area.


For training outside of the Alpine Heights & far East County areas, or end-of-spectrum behavioral issues, please click below for more information and to be matched with a well-qualified, certified, and insured dog trainer in your area.

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