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Pairing a Right Trainer (P.A.R.T.) Network

A Note from Nan: Currently, I am not providing in-home training services outside the Greater Alpine and far East County areas. However, I care extensively about pet owners working with the right trainer for their dogs. I created the P.A.R.T. Network to help residents outside my serviceable areas connect with trainers that are right for them, and that come highly recommended! I hope this free resource will be a huge help in your search for the right trainer for you and your dog. Thank you for letting me do my P.A.R.T.

Finding the Right Dog Training Professional 
Can be Hard Work!

How does the P.A.R.T.
Network Work?

There are SO many dog trainers in San Diego County. From researching websites to calling each business; from leaving voice messages to waiting for a call back; from filling out online forms to scheduling the first appointment.  The task is quite daunting and can be very time consuming.

Beacon of Hope wants to do our P.A.R.T. by taking the work out of your search. We team with a large network of training professionals in the greater San Diego area so we can match your training needs with a licensed, bonded, and certified trainer in your area. Every trainer we refer is vetted and has been a member of the positive reinforcement dog training community for many years. Additionally, each training professional's training practices are thoroughly examined to assure that they adhere to the same, or extremely similar, training practices Beacon of Hope is committed to. 

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Finding the Right Dog-Harder Than You Think.

What Do You Get?

Beacon of Hope offers you a unique, and FREE, service in which we strive to bring you some of the best positive reinforcement dog training in San Diego County. 

Some of the benefits of using our referral service are: 

  • Save time! We've done all the research for you, so no need to check out multiple websites, make a lot of phone calls, leave numerous voice messages, wait for someone to get back to you...and so on! 

  • Verified Trainers! Beacon of Hope takes your request to find a reputable and professional dog trainer seriously. That's why each trainer we partner with and refer is well-qualified, certified, and insured so that you will receive the best in positive reinforcement (R+) training. 

  • Educated Trainers! All of the trainers we refer must continue their education to maintain their certifications. That means they are always learning and up-to-date with the best dog training practices there are.

  • Peace of mind! By working with a trainer from our network, you can rest assured that your dog will get the best training they need. 

What Comes Next?

If you're not in the greater Alpine area and are looking for group classes, private training, day training, nose work, and/or service dog assessment/training, please take a moment to complete our Client Request for a Training Professional form and let us do the leg work to pair you with a well-qualified training professional in your area. 

A couple things to remember:


  • This service is FREE!

  • Beacon of Hope takes the utmost care in placing you with a trainer who is well-qualified, certified, and insured so that you will receive the best in positive reinforcement (R+) training. By referring you to a third-party training professional, you agree that Beacon of Hope assumes no liability for the relationship between the training professional and you.

  • It usually takes 2-3 business days for us to contact the specialized training professional in your area, send them your information, and for them to contact you to set up a consultation or training session. Someone will be in constant communication with you through the process.

  • If completing the Client Request for a Training Professional form for more than one dog, please be sure to distinguish between each dog so the training professional does not confuse your furry friends.

  • Beacon of Hope gathers specific information from you so we can properly pair you with a training professional in your area. However, the training professional we refer might require/request more infor-mation and ask that additional forms be completed.